Anthem Mission

Our Mission 

Music affects our lives in many ways. Some of us have experienced the joy of making music and playing an instrument. Others enjoy music through listening and feeling. We hear music at weddings, at concerts, at school, at religious services, in movies...

Music is so much more than the notes we play or the songs that we hear. It makes us feel.

 Our mission at Anthem Musical Instruments is to enrich people's lives and to shape a better future through the creation of music.

Anthem Quality 

For over 15 years, Anthem has been providing opportunities for children to explore music and build life-long relationships in local music programs, partially due to Anthem's affordability and community support. 

Anthem musical instruments combine old world craftsmanship (such as hand-cut flute headjoints and hand-lapped trumpet valves) with innovative technology (such as Laser-fused bells). The result is a quality instrument, with a variety of professional features, at prices that schools and students can afford.

Anthem Musical Instruments have been specifically designed for the US market by a product development team that includes music retailers, instrument makers, band directors, and repair technicians. This team is lead by our Director of Quality, Brent Beech.

Anthem's Dedication to Quality

Brent travels the world extensively in search of the finest quality, affordable instruments that will meet the needs of today’s students and band directors. In the process, Brent has formed a team of small, independent instrument makers with long standing traditions of crafting handmade instruments. Each partner specializes in specific instruments and employs highly skilled craftsmen.

We maintain a presence with each manufacturing partner to assure that our standards are being met and to evaluate work in process, manufacturing procedures, and working conditions. As part of our rigid quality process, an Anthem technician plays and adjusts each Anthem instrument to documented standards, at our home in Massachusetts, before shipping to retailers. We stock a large supply of replacement parts and have a repair facility that is capable of handling any type of instrument repair.

We further focus on quality by only selling Anthem Musical Instruments to a very exclusive group of independent school music dealers. Local music retailers are knowledgeable, offer top notch customer service, and are equipped to quickly respond to the needs of your local band directors and students.

The Anthem Commitment to Local Communities and Retailers

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